Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon

Dr Vahur Metsna

Dr Vahur Metsna is the only orthopaedic surgeon specialising exclusively in treating ankle and foot conditions in Estonia. Dr Metsna’s professional focus is in restoring the normal shape of the toes and feet with congenital or acquired deformities, even if other surgical procedures have not produced the desired result.


The foot and ankle are a very complex structure composed of over thirty joints and more than a hundred muscles and ligaments. Specialising in foot surgery enables to master all the details of this phenomenal domain and the likelihood of offering the best possible patient treatment is much higher.


Dr Vahur Metsna has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu and defended the PhD dissertation at the same university. Continuous self-improvement abroad is an inseparable part of the medical practice of Dr Metsna.


Dr Vahur Metsna is a member of the Estonian Orthopaedic Society and the European Foot and Ankle Society.