When is the right time to have toe surgery

There is no reason why you should hurry to have surgery as toes deform slowly.

Before taking the surgical procedure, you should try all the other possibilities how to relieve your complaints (see "How to relieve toe pain").

Toe surgery is indicated if:

  • it is uncomfortable and painful for you to walk in roomy shoes with due to a deformed toe,
  • the deformed toe rubs against your shoe, causing skin ulcer,
  • you cannot find suitable footwear due to a deformed toe.

Good to know about foot surgery

  • Surgery may not solve all your foot problems.
  • 1/3 of the patients cannot wear shoes that they like after surgery.
  • Many patients do not recover their earlier level of physical activity after surgery.
  • It takes a long time to recover from surgery; it may take as long as a year.
  • There is a possibility of complications after foot surgery.
  • Toe surgery may relieve your discomforts but not correct the problem altogether.

The objective of toe surgery is to reduce foot pain and improve your walking ability.

Surgery restores the normal shape and position of the toes as much as possible.

Foot surgery for cosmetic purposes only may not give the desired result, as it is difficult to improve something that does not cause discomfort (pain).

Professional athletes and dancers should postpone surgery until they are unable to continue their professional career due to a deformed toe. In this case, they have nothing to lose with the surgery, but everything to gain.

It is very important that the patient comes to the surgery with realistic expectations: this is the key success factor of the surgery.